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Serving South Central Oklahoma on:

89.5 FM Pontotoc County
89.3 FM Carter County
97.3 FM Johnston County
104.5 FM Garvin County

"Listening to KCNP puts you at the center of all that is happening with the Chickasaw Nation. You can be hundreds of miles away and remain informed and entertained in a way only KCNP radio can provide."

Bill Anoatubby, Governor
The Chickasaw Nation

Governor Bill Anoatubby

Established in 2009, Chickasaw Community Radio Network provides news, public affairs, weather coverage and a wide variety of music for citizens in south-central Oklahoma.

Owned and operated as a public service of the Chickasaw Nation, KCNP is a non-commercial community radio station.

A vision of Governor Bill Anoatubby, KCNP Chickasaw Community Radio Network was created to connect citizens through quality programming and news.


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November 14, 2023 – Chickasaw Princess Manager Mary Hartley and ’19-’21 Chickasaw Princess Markita Runnels join Mike Manos to discuss the current...

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